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Save some here and there!

November 3rd, 2006 at 12:39 pm

Job change and relocation often add more expenses (or sometimes less). Since I started at the new job, I find myself spending more on housing and food. Housing is obviously more in this part of

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Jersey. I also eat out more.

Well, like
Text is yummy saves and Link is
yummy saves recommended, I'm putting some efforts to save a few dollars a day:

Save $3.06 (2 x $1.53) on Starbucks coffee
:: I usually drink 2 cups of coffee. Since there is decent free coffee at work, no need to buy!

Save $2 on gym membership
:: Instead of $60/mo on gym membership, I use the free gym (although small, but it has tread mill and free weights I need) at work.

Any tips on effortless ways to save a little here and there?

6 Responses to “Save some here and there!”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    save the change you get throughout the day when you make purchases. if you're adventurous, save the change and the dollar bills: i started that in the middle of october and i'm on track to save $100 my first month just in change and ones.

    when it comes to eating out: take advantage of loyalty cards some restaurants offer. you know, buy 9 burritoes and the 10th is free sort of thing. if you don't mind leftovers, take home some of what you eat for dinner, and eat it for lunch. or use it to cook with: leftover steak from a restaurant dinner makes pretty good stirfry.

  2. koppur Says:

    Shop at the dollar stores or "bargain basement" stores of big names tores...often you can get really nice things there for very little money. Also, instead of buying something you likfe right away, check out or e-bay or craigs list first....even including shipping you can usually get it cheaper. With the holidays coming up take advantage of all the sales for houshold items, presents, and wants.

  3. yummy64 Says:

    It is so awesome that you've decided to take my suggestion Smile I'm honoured.

    My goal for me (I quite often blog what I spent in the day) is to be aware about my spending. I often buy a meal or a coffee out. But now I look for cheaper alternatives and spend a second to decide if this is going to get me to my longer term goals.

    I think I blogged this one the other day but a great way for me to save money is to delay my purchases by a day. If you really reallly want and need it, just wait a day until you buy it. Amazing how after a night's sleep you can think of a less expensive alternative or how that $100 blouse is suddenly less sexy, perfect etc..

  4. Amber Says:

    brown bag your lunch, I save so much money when I do this. On average I usually spend about $7.00 when I eat out for lunch.

  5. paigu Says:

    Hi from a fellow Jersey girl (thankfully, I don't fit the stereotype at all). It is quite expensive living in NJ....almost fainted when I learned a one bedroom one bath "condo" in my area was $200,000. With that money I could've bought a 3-4 bedroom/bath HOUSE down in North carolina...but oh well.

    As many have said before, I also try to brown bag my lunch. If coworkers go out, then I do ask to check out the specials. Even fast food places sometimes have discounts- ie subway features "Sub of the Day" where a different 6 inch sandwich is $1.99 every weekday. I never buy a drink and just ask for a cup for water. At restaurants, sometimes I order an appetizers as an entree if that place is known to have large portion sizes. And I always ask for a 'doggy bag.'

  6. jersey jen Says:

    * tinapbeana, koppur, yummy64, amber, gulbguru, paigu

    thank you all for the awesome tips! so practical and useful.

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