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Save some here and there!

November 3rd, 2006 at 12:39 pm

Job change and relocation often add more expenses (or sometimes less). Since I started at the new job, I find myself spending more on housing and food. Housing is obviously more in this part of

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Jersey. I also eat out more.

Well, like
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yummy saves recommended, I'm putting some efforts to save a few dollars a day:

Save $3.06 (2 x $1.53) on Starbucks coffee
:: I usually drink 2 cups of coffee. Since there is decent free coffee at work, no need to buy!

Save $2 on gym membership
:: Instead of $60/mo on gym membership, I use the free gym (although small, but it has tread mill and free weights I need) at work.

Any tips on effortless ways to save a little here and there?

No excuses not to save!

November 3rd, 2006 at 02:46 am

Sometimes a retirement fund is not enough, you need to save to emergencies and luxuries, too. There is a

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MSN Money article about
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6 (worthless) excuses for not saving money (my thoughts are in italic):

* Excuse 1: I don't make enough. No kidding, I think I'm underpaid. But I also find that the more I make, the more I spend. Someone once said, "it's not how much you make, it's how much you keep".

* Excuse 2: I'll get around to it later. Procrastination. If you can't save now, how can you save in the future [with house, family, kids, aging parents]?

* Excuse 3: I deserve a little luxury in my life. I struggle with this. "Wants" can be strong.

* Excuse 4: Someone else will take care of it. Hahaha, I think I figure out that
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Social Security won't be around when I retire.

* Excuse 5: I am saving through my 401(k). You know, 6% contribution plus 4.5% matching. Is it enough?

* Excuse 6: This item or service will pay for itself. Oh my gosh, this is definitely a struggle. I tell myself that "I'm not buying, I'm investing in this thing."