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October cash flow!

November 6th, 2006 at 03:32 pm

On Sunday evening, I took a little time and tallied up all my incomes and expenses.

Incoming (all figures are after-tax):

$3,668 salary
$800 housing
$110 misc
Total: $4,578

$488 car payment, gas, tolls, parking
$101 cable, broadband, phone
$45 cell phone
$54 utilities
$2,145 housing
$200 student loan
$180 cash withdrawal
$100 charitable donation
$175 clothing
$174 dining out
$233 groceries
$75 household
$290 car insurance
$73 credit card interest
Total: $4,350

Differentce: $228 => credit card payment?

With my living arrangement right now, I write checks for $2,145 each month while getting $800 paid back. In short, I spent $1,345 on housing each month. The $290 car insurance is quarterly, so it won't show next month. The $175 clothing shouldn't be there next month :-)

In November, I look forward to cutting back on dining out, clothing, and random cash withdrawal. Good news, no black hole this month!

11 Responses to “October cash flow!”

  1. kimiko Says:

    Getting rid of the black hole is a great improvement, although you really should increase your credit card payment to include some principals. Just seeing that makes me feel nervous and it's not even mine. How did you manage to get the 3.9% for life?

  2. PRICEPLUS Says:

    Dining out is a place you sure can cut if you have to do so! Clothing is another area where youcan make some savings if you really put your mind to it~

    You are on track with your ideas for cutting spending. You can and will get to financial freedom if you persevere! Keep up the good work!Smile

  3. jersey jen Says:

    * golbguru

    hey thanks for the encouragement, i started using
    Text is Microsoft Money and Link is
    Microsoft Money to track expenses in october. i used to the monthly report feature to generate the list. yeah, there is a charitable organization i regularly support, partly related to my own health situation. well, sometimes boys don't pay for their date and you have to go dutch :-)

  4. jersey jen Says:

    * kimiko

    to answer your inquiry, i got the 3.9% balance transfer from
    Text is Amex Clear and Link is
    Amex Clear, it was an incentive to sign up.

  5. genmed Says:

    Those dining out expenses really can add up Smile -- so very guilty here. Glad to see you have a positive cash flow month, that's an accomplishment in its own.

  6. paigu Says:

    Hi Jersey Jen! I live in lovely Central NJ. You're waaaay up there on the NJ Turnpike. Do you work in the city? That might explain your eating out bill- too many restaurants/bars/lounges to explore. On the upside, there are more outlet malls and the newly opened H&M near Seacaucus (or Paramus?) that can helpsave you some $$$.
    Keep in touch!

  7. jersey jen Says:

    * paigu

    i don't work in the
    Text is city and Link is
    city, but i do work in
    Text is new york state and Link is
    new york state. the state income tax is much higher than jersey, yikes! you know, there are so many shopping malls/outlets nearby!

  8. jersey jen Says:

    * sun

    that's a very intersting proposal. i agree 3.9% APR is quite low, but what's the best altervative investment? perhaps 5.05% APY savings account at
    Text is HSBC and Link is
    HSBC or
    Text is Emigrant Direct and Link is
    Emigrant Direct. do you think it's favorable to have credit card debt ($14,000 is quite significant) and still invest instead of paying it back?

  9. jersey jen Says:

    * sun

    Thanks for the quick response. These are accumulated throughout 2006 due to medical reasons. The amount of debt I have is approaching my neck, at least my head is above it. Good thing I can swim! i'm hoping to use my potential bonus to repay. my job is much performance based. from the grapevine, i hear, that the bonus would be quite substantial in january.

  10. Broken Arrow Says:

    Yes, Sun's got a good point. My student loans is about 5%, and now, things are starting to make more financial sense for me to redirect my money elsewhere. More specifically, my 401k.

    However, I am still going to try to take out my student loans next year....

  11. jersey jen Says:

    * broken arrow

    good thing about student loan is that the interest is tax-deductible, however, CC deb is not. i consolidated my student loans in 2003, it's a uber-low 2.49%! car loan was 2.79%! isn't it crazy?

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