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Budget Basics, Part I!

November 8th, 2006 at 05:53 am

Yesterday, I had a chance to talk to a group of new college graduates at work. It was interesting to hear the enthusiasm and confusion (about money). While it might be hard to budget all of your money, it does help to monitor spending and put a set amount of it away each month. Why? Because if there is one thing life after graduation will bring, it's bills, bills, and more bills!

Budgeting isn't very glamorous, but that first paycheck . . . it's practically triple the work-study pay at college. When payday rolls around, it's easy to get distracted and go crazy with the spending. The cash that was supposed to be saved for rent, insurance, and those dreaded college loans, can disappear fast. A new car here, a plasma HDTV there and before you know it, the bank is broke!

I'm going to prepare some money guides, based on my little talk for new college graduates. Stay tuned!

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