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December Cash Flow!

January 9th, 2007 at 05:32 am

After a month of shopping and eating, the time has finally arrived to tally up the staggering expenses. This is also a good month for income, as there are three Friday paydays.

Incoming (all figures are after-tax):

$5,558 salary
$800 housing
$50 misc
Total: $6,408

$483 car payment, gasoline, tolls, parking
$101 cable, broadband, phone
$40 cell phone
$97 utilities
$2,175 housing
$275 student loan payment
$80 cash withdrawal
$84 clothing
$153 dining out
$230 groceries
$106 contacts, medicine
$173 household
$457 leisure - Christmas gift shopping
$122 company store - Christmas gift shopping
$34 post office - shipping those gifts
$19 train rides to/from airport
$483 plane tickets to
Text is Houston and Link is
Total: $5,112

Difference: $1,296

* December is unusually due to the higher income and expenses (now every month has its reason to be unusual).

* About $600 was spent on Christmas presents. Mostly for parents and myself :-)

* About $500 was spent on Christmas travel, including plane tickets and train tickets. For some reason, travel this time costs more than before. I guess plane tickets have been going up.

* The extra money left over will be most likely going toward credit card loans.

2 Responses to “December Cash Flow!”

  1. flinnie Says:

    Girl you do have a good surplue....way more than I bring home for the
    whole month.

    I do make it ok on what I bring home.

    Don't have much debt,own my tradler lot,no kids,so I make do.

    Thanks for visting my blog.

  2. jersey jen Says:

    * Flexo

    thanks for commenting the same experience!

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