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February 5th, 2007 at 06:08 am

In the previous week, I was invited by a co-worker to a "E-commerce Seminar" about starting an online business. At first, it sounded like an interesting opportunity to make some money on the side (ha, try to fit that into my schedule). When I arrive at the hotel it was holding, pretty much everyone wore suits or some kind of business attire. In the end, it's called

Text is Quixtar and Link is
Quixtar and
Text is BWW and Link is
BWW. All you need to do is to "buy from yourself and teach other to do the same."

I have never heard of these companies (or organizations) and this type of business concept. Is this something new? Help me with what you got.

10 Responses to “Quixtar?”

  1. tinapbeana Says:

    no, it's not new. my opinion, based on the folks i've known in quixtar and the presentation they dragged me too, is that it's not worth it. there may be some folks that are in fact making great money with the program, but the majority don't.

  2. daylily Says:

    I know very little about it but I'd say RUN. I have a relative who is into Amway and she also does Quixtar. Enough said.

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Quixtar is a sister company to Amway. They are both owned by holding company Alticor. It is essentially the same company, but with a new name and a web presence. The real business of the company is not to sell products -- it is to draft salespeople who are suckered into paying for training seminars and into recruiting other suckers. Basically a pyramid scheme. DO NOT GET INTO IT! It will enrich the company, not you.

  4. moneymonk Says:

    same here! Don't do it Jen.

  5. LdyFaile Says:

    Ditto what they've all said.

  6. jersey jen Says:

    thanks for the info.

    lol, i don't know much about
    Text is Amway and Link is
    Amway either. any personal experience with
    Text is Quixtar and Link is
    Quixtar or
    Text is Amway and Link is
    Amway? what kind of "business" is this called?

  7. Golbguru Says:

    Yep, just two words: Stay Away !!
    Additional words: all costs Smile
    It's called the MLM scheme of business. MLM = MultiLevel Marketing. These are pyramid type schemes and I have seen my friends and some very close friends getting suckered into this. At some point (after much effort) there is some money, but it's not worth it. One big reason is that in trying to work hard to make money out of it...people start targetting their friends and relatives, and it's all downhill from there. People will start running away from you because you try to be "too friendly" and stuff. And if you join this and meet me somewhere, I will be like "Ok, I don't know you". Smile

  8. jersey jen Says:

    * globguru

    i see your point.

    maybe this is an extension from the original question. is mlm similar to direct selling? for example, i've heard of direct selling before, and there are reputable companies like
    Text is Avon and Link is
    Avon (public company),
    Text is Mary Kay and Link is
    Mary Kay (public company), and
    Text is Pampered Chef and Link is
    Pampered Chef (subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway).

  9. Golbguru Says:

    Jen, nopes MLM is not direct selling. In action yes, but not in concept.

    In direct selling, the actual product is the center point of all the transaction. The value of the transaction is entirely in the product and nothing else.

    In MLM, the product is just an excuse to convey a sense of direct selling. The center point of this concept is to hook up more customers who can shell money...who in turn can hook up more.

    Of course, in direct selling too, there are commissions for referals and stuff, but again that's not what direct survives on. It survives on the quality of it's product.

    Hope that makes it a bit clearer Smile

  10. sara Says:

    It isnt a scam or a pyramid.
    If you look at the way people work day in and out thats a pyramid. One can never make more than their boss not possible. With an MLM you can if you put in the time and effort. If you feel its a waste of time good. Leave the money and bonuses for the people who want to retire at 23.
    How could Quixtar be a scam and have companies like Barnes and Nobles Circuit City and Dell partner with them?

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