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November Cash Flow!

December 14th, 2006 at 05:42 am

Uh oh, it's middle of December already and I am just posting my November cash flow. Why have I been slacking? Well, first, I'm finally done with holiday shopping today, both online and offline! Second, work has been hectic. There're samples needed for a public relations (PR) event in Asia-Pacific region, yet circumstances
keep coming up to delay it and I'm the one needs to resolve it. I was truly in a panic mode yesterday.

Incoming (all figures are after-tax):

$3,668 salary
$800 housing
$374 misc
Total: $4,841

$466 car payment, gas, tolls, parking
$101 triple play - cable, broadband, phone
$40 cell phone
$142 utilities
$2,145 housing
$211 student loan payment
$140 cash withdrawal
$125 charitable donation
$13 clothing
$237 dining out
$71 groceries
$7 household
* $635 insurance premium
$173 leisure - black Friday shopping
$20 gift - pet toy
$12 post office - stamps, packages
* $337 travel - plane tickets to Chicago (
Text is MDW and Link is
$91 misc - bars, clubs, dry clean
Total: $4,966

Difference: ($125)

:: Three months after starting a new job, my income and expenses are gradually stabilizing into more predictable numbers.

:: This month, November that is, the income is within 10% of
Text is previous month and Link is
previous month.

:: From expenses categories, it seems like about $300 on food (groceries and dining out) and I also eat out a lot more than cooking. Approximately half of the cash withdrawal went to eating out? It's hard to track when everyone just put in cash.

:: The one-time insurance premium would not be present for December, and the one-time trip cost would not be present, that's about $970 toward positive cashflow.

Although November ended slightly negative, December is looking good!

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